2.2 After completing the registration process and creating a username and password, you will be registered as a registered BSAVA user (free). Unless otherwise stated in the Services (or any other agreement between you and VAC, which suspends the terms of this Agreement), your access to the Services will continue until one of the following steps occurs: 2.1 The services provided by the platform (“platform services”) will be described in more detail on the Site. All platform services that apply to creative contributions from you (“Content Services”) are subject to one or more other agreements that may be offered to you through the Site or through other means. 2.2 Unless otherwise stated on the Site, the platform services you have under this Agreement are limited to registering as a registered user, accessing content service information and, where appropriate, the tools available to request a user of content services. To benefit from content services, including the ability to download creative contributions and participate in virtual workshops, you must enter into another agreement with us. By law, the written agreement between the parties is an important element in proving that any use by third parties is a valid use under the law as an authorized use and does not constitute a violation of the rights of the trademark holder. 14.4 Notwithstanding the above, nothing in this Agreement is intended to restrict or restrict your rights under local law or other legal rights that cannot be excluded, nor, in any way, to exclude or restrict our liability to you in the event of death or injury resulting from our negligence. 15.1 You exempt us from any loss, injury, expenses, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) or any other claim resulting from a violation by you of any of the guarantees and another clause of this Agreement. For example, A is starting a business with its “Z” brand. A is the registered owner of the brand. After a while, he entered into a verbal agreement with B, authorizing B to use the Z-mark.

In a few years, they would start their own business together under the Z brand. If he argues between A and B in subsequent years, can A be sold his ownership of the “Z” mark simply because he does not have a written agreement in accordance with the definition of use permitted under the law? 20.1 If part of the terms of this Agreement is unenforceable (including a provision in which we exclude our liability to you), the applicability of another part of these Terms will not be affected. (c) The use or disclosure of your login information to an unregord user is prohibited and your non-compliance results in an immediate suspension of your access to the Services.