ARTICLE 30. In the event of disagreement over the liability for the payment of the benefits covered in this agreement, the competent authorities or the insurance authorities may make interim payments to the person concerned until the dispute can be resolved. And whereas Section 64 of the National Insurance Act, 1946, and Section 85 of the National Insurance (Industrial Injuries) Act of 1946 provide that Her Majesty, by decision of the Council, may provide for an amendment or adaptation of these laws in their application to cases concerned by agreements with other governments providing for reciprocity in the matters mentioned in these paragraphs; (a) the paragraph “contribution paid for a national (or charged on a paid basis) is considered a contribution paid (or charged) for the husband of a national (or accounted for) if the national in question is a woman claiming a pension under her husband`s insurance; ARTICLE 8.-1. A national of a contracting party who withdraws from the territory of one of the contracting parties for the territory of the other contracting party is entitled, together with his dependants, to benefits provided by the latter party`s legislation with regard to unemployment, illness (including tuberculosis) and maternity, provided that – affirmation of the principle that nationals of a contracting party are entitled to a pension under the social security schemes (b) he calculates the pension due to him as follows. It first calculates the pension owed to the national concerned under its own national legislation whether all contributions made to him under the other party`s legislation (or paid to him as paid) would have been paid or credited in accordance with its own national legislation. The pension actually owed to the national concerned by that insurance authority is the part of the pension thus calculated, which has the same relationship with the totality of the pension calculated as the sum of every day for which contributions were made to him under his own national legislation (or credit credited to the credit) applicable to all periods for which the contributions were paid or credited in accordance with the legislation. both contracting parties. ARTICLE 17. The old-age insurance provisions in Sections 14 and 16 apply (with amendments, as required by the different nature of benefits) to the granting of a survivor`s pension to the widow of a national of a contracting party or to a child who has lost one or both of his or her parents; however, they do not apply to the granting of a pension under the law of the Italian Republic to a widower or a child whose father is still alive. 4. A national of a party who is or has been employed on board a ship or aircraft of one of the contracting parties and who, in accordance with paragraph 3 of this article, is subject to the legislation of the other contracting party is treated for the purposes of a right or payment of benefits under that legislation, as if he were or would have been employed on board a ship or aircraft. 2. If, under this agreement, the insurance authority of one contracting party has paid, on behalf of the insurance authority of the other contracting party, benefits in the currency of that contracting party, that authority assumes its responsibility to the previous authority by returning, in the currency of the former contracting party, the exact amount of the benefit thus paid.